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Albania in the Media

Over the past year I have linked to a number of articles on Albania published around the world. I thought it might be a good idea to list them all in one place. I have checked all the links and removed those that are no longer working. The first section lists a series of feature articles on Tirana and Albania, including the now infamous contribution from AA Gill.

On Tirana:

Simon Calder 'This is One East European Capital the Stags Might Want to Give a Miss' The Independent 25 March 2006

Christopher Winner 'Tirana Gets Real' The American June 2006

Matt Gross 'A Capital Full of Contradictions' New York Times 9 July 2006

On Albania:

Paul Mansfield 'Albania Steps in From the Cold' The Observer 9 April 2006

Will Hide 'Albania: Europe's Last Secret' The Times 15 April 2006

Tony Wheeler 'Albania: Europe's Last Forgotten Corner' Lonely Planet 9 May 2006

AA Gill 'The Land that Time Forgot' The Sunday Times 23 July 2006

Raymond Travers 'Albanian Rhapsody' The Scotsman 20 August 2006

Rose Dosti 'Albania's Ancient History Surfaces' Los Angeles Times 3 September 2006

Tony Wheeler 'Beaches, Ruins and Odd Relics of Communism' Houston Chronicle 10 September 2006

Bill Fink 'Not Such a Joke' San Francisco Chronicle 1 October 2006

Alex Wade 'Wild Albania: Coming in From the Cold' The Independent 16 October 2006

There were a number of stories dealing with the fate of the five Uighurs transferred from Guantanamo Bay to Albania.

Bruce Konviser 'A Strange Kind of Freedom' Toronto Star 13 June 2006

Neil A Lewis 'Freed From Guantanamo but Stranded Far From Home' New York Times 18 August 2006

Abu Bakker Qassim 'The View From Guantanamo' New York Times 17 September 2006

There were also a number of personal profiles: a lengthy one of Edi Rama, a short one of Ismail Kadare, a German profile of author, Agron Tufa, and a profile of the Kallashi family, Albanian immigrants living in Iowa.

Jane Kramer 'Painting the Town: How Edi Rama Reinvented Albanian Politics' The New Yorker 27 June 2006

Hansgeorg Hermann 'Aus Dem Saft Der Sprache' Neue Zurcher Zeitung 4 July 2006

Elaine Denner 'Iowa Agriculture a Reminder of Native Albania' Cresco Times Plain Dealer 1 August 2006

David Bellos A Rip in the Iron Curtain' The Scotsman 17 August 2006

The rest are a mixed bag of articles on a variety of themes.

Joby Warrick 'Albania's Chemical Cache Raises Fears About Others' Washington Post 10 January 2005

Gezim Alpion 'Western Media and the European "Other": Images of Albania in the British Press in the New Millennium' Albanian Journal of Politics 1.1 2005

James Dyson 'Albania: The Woman's Story' Le Monde Diplomatique June 2006

Jean-Arnault Derens & Laurent Geslin 'The Dream of a Greater Albania' Le Monde Diplomatique July 2006

Barry Wood 'Albania's Capital Struggles with Booming Population' Voice of America News 26 September 2006

Robert C Austin 'Albania's New Investment Strategies' Southeast European Times 2 October 2006

'The View from Albania' Sophia Echo 9 October 2006

'Good News, For Once' The Economist 26 October 2006

Update 1

The following articles appeared in Balkan Insight, published by the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. BIRN developed out of the Balkan programme of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting.

Ergys Gjencaj 'Party Squabbles Slow Pace of EU Integration' Balkan Insight 57 2 November 2006

Ben Andoni 'Berisha Loses Face in Battle with Institutions' Balkan Insight 57 2 November 2006

Erlis Cela 'Poor Poll Result Threatens Socialists' New Chief' Balkan Insight 57 2 November 2006

Frida Malaj 'Support for Kosovo Crosses Left-Right Divide' Balkan Insight 57 2 November 2006

Enkeleid Llanaj 'Investment Plan Provokes Political Stir' Balkan Insight 57 2 November 2006

Ornela Liperi 'Clothiers Slump in Face of Chinese Competition' Balkan Insight 57 2 November 2006

Mero Baze 'Comment: The Left Wants to Sabotage Berisha's Achievements' Balkan Insight 57 2 November 2006

Erion Veliaj 'Comment: Berisha’s Year of Blunders Already Cost Albania Dear' Balkan Insight 57 2 November 2006

Thanks to Stephen Tanghe, a Peace Corps volunteer who spent time in Berat, for these articles from the BBC that were published in 2005 before I arrived here.

Kieran Cooke 'Dance Fever Reaches Albania' BBC 26 March 2005

Neil Arun 'Albanian Fans Cry Foul at Greek Ban' BBC 1 April 2005

Kieran Cooke 'Albanian Entrepreneurs Eye World Markets' BBC 18 April 2005

As I come across more articles I will try to keep this post updated. If anyone else comes across anything of interest please email me and I will list it.

Update 2

Benet Koleka 'Albanian Offer Heirloom Mini-Koran for Sale' Scotsman 16 November 2006

Craig Stouffer 'Sukaj is Eagles' Valued Import' The Examiner 16 November 2006

Ismail Kadare 'The Albanian Writers' Union as Mirrored by a Woman' The New Yorker 19 December 2005

Deborah Treisman 'Found in Translation' The New Yorker 19 December 2005

Paddie Holdsworth 'On the Trail of Antiques in Albania' Yorkshire Gazette & Herald October 2006

Daniel Brook 'Younger than that Now' Boston Globe 26 November 2006

Robert L Smith 'Immigration Enforcement Stuns Cleveland Families' Cleveland Plain Dealer 3 December 2006


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