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Final Push

The rain started in the early afternoon yesterday, which was unfortunate for the two coalitions as they prepared for their end of campaign rallies. Fortunately, it did not get too heavy and there was still a good turnout for both events later that evening. Unfortunately, it was difficult to see much through all the umbrellas.

The PD had the better location and the better presentation, including a laser display which projected the party logo and the Vote Olldashi logo onto the backdrop and on to the Tirana International Hotel - not sure if they asked permission for that.

For some reason their background music was a continuous loop of something that sounded like 80's disco music. Since they were next to the mosque and since it was Friday night, at one point the music was competing with the call to prayer drifting across the square. This greatly improved the music and if someone has the wit to record the two together, it could be the next big thing.

After introducing the coalition's candidates for Tirana, each of the leaders of the parties in the coalition spoke before Olldashi took the stage. I believe that Berisha also turned up and spoke but I had moved on to see the PS rally by that stage.

The PS presentation was not as slick, but they did have a screen up onto which they projected images of the speakers and the crowd, so at least everyone could see what was happening. Their music was something too modern for someone of my generation to identify, but before each speaker said his piece we had a brief blast of 'We Will Rock You' by Queen - not sure if they were paying royalties on that.

At both rallies the crowd was very diverse - young, old and middle-aged, husbands and wives, smart and casual. Take away the flags and the banners and I could not have told you which crowd was supporting which party.

This being Albania, the whole thing ended with fireworks. Below are a few photographs from each event. Unfortunately, it was dark and my little camera wasn't quite up to the conditions, but I hope they give some idea of the evening.

For those of you who care about these things, this is a socialist firework


Anonymous said…
"For those of you who care about these things, this is a socialist firework"
Anonymous said…
"For those of you who care about these things, this is a socialist firework"
bryan-in-greece said…
Yes, most of the sparks seem to be heading off to the left...!!
Even though it seems a good idea for somebody to come up with a big thing, such as a combination of the music played at the PD meeting, I would be careful with sugesting it. You are in the Ballkans, everything can be a good reason to start a fight.
I like the pic. of "socialist firework"
Anonymous said…
All this hoopla for a bunch of mayors with insignificant budgets? I guess the roof must be leaking somewhere else. Care to enlighten us?
Ll.T. said…
Ok OMIT, you were the observer so we impatiently await your report :)
Anonymous said…
Hey anonymous. What is that suppose to mean?!.. It takes time to start borrowing left and right, and build up big budgets. I hope you come from a big budget city, so you can show it off.

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