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And now the end is near
and so i face nanananana...

Never did like that crappy song.

But it's true nevertheless.

Tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning we will be heading for the airport for the last time. I suppose it was too much to expect that I could have kept this going while getting ready to leave. So apologies for the lack of postings over the last weeks. This is post number 380 something so I suppose one post every two days is not a bad average.

There were probably 380 more in my head or scribbled down on scraps of paper, but many of them are perhaps best left there.

I suppose I should be penning - or typing - my final thoughts and reflections on two years in Tirana, but right now I don't have any. Maybe in a month or two though I might come back with something.

Thanks to all of you who have read this blog - especially those of you who have become regulars. Thanks also for linking and thanks to all who left comments.

As for the other stars of the blog, Bella now has her own personal hand made dog crate, and by tomorrow evening she will be stepping out of it into the crisp autumn weather of Wisconsin. I might post some photographs here later.

Dougal will be spending this weekend with some of our neighbours before moving in with a friend called Tommy on Monday. At the moment this is a temporary arrangement while we continue to find a permanent solution. But at least he will not be going back on the streets and we hope that temporary might be come permanent eventually.

If another blog appears I will make it known here.


PS I had another bash at Hotel California at Flares on Friday night and I was rubbish.


Miss Kim said…
Awww Alwyn... you will be missed (probably more than you know).

And you've left an impossible task... finding someone to fill your shoes... *sigh*

All the best to you and V.

Kim & Peter
Thank you so much for you inimitable contribution. You will be missed :-)
Anonymous said…
You have been an amazing blogger, thank you so much for all your news from Albania and best of luck in your new adventure
Anonymous said…
I know you won't abbandon the blog so I'm not worried.
You really managed to bring Albania closer to us. Thanks for all the posts... far :)
Anonymous said…
So sad to see you leave our man, i can't believe it!!!!
I wish you and your family health, success, and a beautiful life!
ak said…
It was a pleasure to have met you. I sincerely hope you and your family have a healthy and prosperous life! And I hope you don't forget about this beautiful piece of land of which you wrote about in the pas two years. Again, I wish you the best!

Please, let us know if you become Our Man in Bombay, Paris, Cincinnati...or whatever that is.

I echo everyone else - A good trip to you and yours (including Bella, of course) and best of wishes for all your future endeavors. Meantime, do enjoy Wisconsin, which, am sure it's great in the fall, and keep in touch.

PS - glad that Dougal will not be back on the street!
Ll.T. said…
Alwyn, you will be greatly missed :(

I wish you all the best, wherever life takes you.

Anonymous said…
Hands down - yours is my favorite blog. Thank you for all the time poured in to "bring Albania closer to us".

We'll miss you and blessings on your journey...
ITS said…
Bon voyage dear sir!
You will certainly be missed!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for having written your blog, esp for the photos, and for not resting until you had placed the dogs.

Best wishes on your next endeavor,
Anonymous said…
It's been great to read your blog here in the UK and like others here, I really will miss the read -and the arguments your words have sometimes raised!

With very best wishes to you, your family and Bella.

Take care and ......

Qofsh mi're in the USA.
Anonymous said…
The best of luck to you Alwyn and thanks for two years of bringing Tirana closer :)
Anonymous said…
I just recently discovered this blog and I love it! I wish you luck in your future endeavors and hope you don't abandon this blog. I will start reading everything now, so please don't delete it. Much thanks for this beautiful contribution!
Anonymous said…
OMT, your stories will be greatly missed. You have been a great source of reality from Albania. It is all the more amazing that most of your readers seem to be Albanian. Thanks and good luck.
Anonymous said…
I have wanted, thorughout the time that I have been here, to send you a picture of my place in Alwyn Street so you can post it in the blog with the note, "The Albanian living in Alwyn and the Alwyn living in Albania, find the irony". Maybe I will send it to the next Alwyn that decides to live an Albania, starts a blog, is from America and is as entertaining.

You take care of yourself and have a safe trip. Thanks for the good times.

P.S Goooooooo Red Sox.
Selfmaderadio said…

have a nice trip. I wish you and your family all the best.

Thank you so much for the great time you gave me while reading your blog. You will be missed. Certainly!
The PC said…
i'm sorry. i cannot accept this. I want to know about wisconsin. you must become ourmaninwisconsin.

anywhosle, i hope you make it to new york soon.
too bad I created my blog long time after you leaved :)

thanks again for your contribution !

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