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It's dog hunting season, and three of the neighbourhood dogs are currently living in our yard and condescending to wear collars and be taken for walks on leashes. It's a lot of fun trying to walk three large untrained dogs at once.

We heard about the planned cull from a friend who read about it in a local newspaper. A quick call to City Hall by a colleague confirmed that the cull was scheduled to begin last Monday. Walking the dogs, I was a little suspicious of this since there seemed to be no obvious reduction in the number of dogs on the streets.

It turns out that the cull is being carried out district by disctrict. A neighbouring district was covered last night and ours was due to be done tonight. However, the lorry being used - presumably to bring in the shooters and carry away the corpses - broke down and our district has now been rescheduled for Friday night.

So it looks like the dogs in our area have been given a few more days of life. Our guests will, of course, be staying for a few more days yet. Having got used to sleeping peacefully on soft blankets and feasting on Pedigree Chum, its going to be a bit of a shock when they head back out again next week.


ITS said…
I heard the hunters are Koreans! Dog meat's gonna be on sale in Soeul next month. Yippeee!
ourmanintirana said…
Haven't seen any Koreans around. Maybe they only let them out at night. Don't think any of the local dogs would be very tasty.
ITS said…
Alwyn, I expected so much more from your rebuttal. Of course the Koreans are hunting incognito, wearing grey camuflage to blend in with the potholes.

And taste is a relative experience. Those Korean hunters would most definitely disagree with you.
Rantirator said…
Not much neutering going on around there, eh? What a shame. Reminds me of Athens...

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