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In the Clear

AA Gill, author of the article on Albania that caused such outrage recently, has been cleared of inaccuracy and discrimination by the UK's Press Complaints Commission, following a complaint by Lavdrim Terziu.

Gill's article was certainly insulting, but this was the right decision. It is becoming too easy for those who take offence to silence those who cause offence.


I agree! Gill has the right to make a living by insulting the others, but I must say that complaining to the commission is not an excercise in futility. If nothing else, Gill or his paper (I hope) must have spent time (or) and money to defend themselves. I am content that making fun with my country did not come cheaply to the jokers.
Anonymous said…
""The reference to Albanians having surprisingly fair skin was a reflection on the fact that the population was significantly Muslim and Eastern Mediterranean in ethnicity.""

So if i choose to change my religion than i have to change my skin colour. If tomorrow i become atheist i am no longer fair in skin because i am not Christian. Good logic by the dumbass Commission.
Digital said…
You know, I wouldn't feel too bad if AA Gill got accidentally run over with a truck multiple times after being whacked in the back of the head with a baseball bat...

Just saying...
ourmanintirana said…
Might be better to use a cricket bat in the UK

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