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Spotted Today

Since the sun was shining this morning and spring seemed finally to have arrived I went for a walk round the neighbourhood and spotted a few places I hadn't see before.

The first is Pappasito's Mexican House. There are two restaurants I know of in the city that offer mexican style food - the Stephen Center and Serendipity. This is the first one I've seen advertising itself primarily as a Mexican restaurant. It will go on the ever lengthening list of restaurants to be tried.

On the same street I noticed this shop - L'Angelica. It seems that we can now get our herbal remedies and treatments right here. Worth a look.

Finally, Pita Pan. I'm assuming the word play here is deliberate, but I wonder how many people get it? Being an English speaker often I don't notice just how much English there is - especially in advertisements. I'm not sure where this place actually is since the shop beneath seems to deal in bikes and scooters.

Now I'm looking out the window at the pouring rain and listening to the thunder. Spring seems to be on the retreat again.


belle_fleur said…
mmm...i wonder how this place will do because Mex food is totally new for the Albanian people. I'm sure the foreigners that live in Tirana will appreciate it more than the natives.
hm said…
Pita Pan was one of my guilty pleasures while in Athens. It's a fast food chain there, right?

Papasito's is my all-time favorite Mexican restaurant in Texas. There are three or four locations there that I know of.

Apparantly, the powers that be are luring me back to Tirana...
ourmanintirana said…
I'm sure it will take a while for places like this to catch on among locals. I remember when new styles of restaurants were opening in Belfast. Lots of people there were wary of trying them - some probably still are. I suppose it depends how good they are.

Don't know about Pita Pan - I've never seen the name before. You are right about Pappasito's though. I just found their website on google. I think it's safe to assume that these are not franchise operations.
bizele said…
The rain and thunder storms are very typical for Tirana during this time of the year. When I was little I would imagine it as a war between winter and spring, as a last desperate attempt for winter to prolong its stay before the warm days of spring would begin.

I cannot wait until summer, so that I can explore my city myself.
strangeMAN said…
Actually, pita pan is closed now. The shop underneath sells sport accessories for automobiles. The billboard has been changed also.

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