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Crash 2

I was hanging around in the street watching the world go by when I heard a crunch. In a very Albanian kind of collision one of the pony-drawn carts that the Roma use had run into the back of a Volkswagen Golf parked nearby. The front right of the cart had hit the back left of the car damaging the bumper and the side panel.

After a brief inspection of the damage the 'driver' of the cart climbed back up and took off as fast as he could, leaving the unfortunate owner of the car to deal with the consequences.

This was bad, but what was really bad was that the policeman who was standing not 20 feet from me and no more than 60 feet from where the crash happened did absolutely nothing - he didn't go to the scene, he didn't talk to the man with the pony and cart, he didn't call anyone on his radio, nothing.

Only when the pony man was a dot in the distance did he wander down to the car and have a look at the damage, though as far as I could see his interest was driven by curiosity rather than professional responsibility.

I had to go out so didn't see what happened when the owner of the car came back, but I hope he gave the cop some serious grief. Now why doesn't this kind of thing happen to people who own Touareg's?


traveller one said…
Saw a car knock two guys flying off their motorcycle today... no helmets of course--arghhh!
Get off your high horse. You stopped making any sense once you started saying that a "nice car gives you a sort of status and people are nicer to you." Why would you be ok with something like that? Oh right, you like having brown-nosers pretend to like you, becuase I guess that makes you feel a bigger man. I'm sorry but it's exactly people like you that are ruining Albania with their extremely selfish and materialistic views. And congrats for turning this into a political discussion, when it wasn't. Grasping at straws perhaps?

As for Touregs, and SUV's in general, I could see why people in Albania would prefer them, considering the state that some of our roads are in, although I still believe that a car is a better option. I live in DC and everybody is well aware of the American love affair with SUVs/trucks. However I still choose to drive a car, with a lower center of gravity, faster acceleration and better handling than an SUV. Sure there are times when an SUV would be a better fit, like last Thursday when I needed room for a few people and their golf clubs, but those are rare circumstances and prior arrangements can be made for those. And I'm not even going into the whole environmental issue with driving gas guzzlers.
our man said…
Anonymous, the Touareg thing is just a bit of a joke following my earlier post about my encounter with a Touareg driver. Your comments were quite interesting until the last bigoted and offensive comments. That's why you have been deleted.
AlbaGerman said…
Hi frends

Let as talk about the corrupted policeman and irresponsibel driver and not about uninteressting thing who is what driving.

I would instead of you noticed the ID Number of the policeman and the one from the car.

These kind of behavior may not remain unpunished


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