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Europe's Last Secret

Greetings from wet and cold Belfast.

With flights on British Airway's new London-Tirana route having begun, the British newspapers are featuring Tirana in their travel sections. The Times, The Independent and The Observer have covered the city in recent editions. Whether this will translate into a rush of adventurous travellers remains to be seen, though the Daily Telegraph did report that BA are claiming that there is 'considerable demand' for the flights.
We will be sampling BA's service for ourselves when we return to Tirana in a little while, when normal blog service will be resumed.


Anonymous said…
Hello! GREAT blog. I am doing my best to get over to Albania to teach book arts. I have formed a non-profit called Project Albania. You can see the site here.

I know that you have spent a great deal of time researching your links and the such. Would you mind if I posted your blog on my blog? ;-).

Feel free to e-mail me at a at projectalbania dawt org.
i cringe at those newspaper postings of the next hot destination. it all seems so contrived. plus, the rush of anxious tourists always manages to ruin the destination for me.
olli said…
Hi April. I'm not sure how many tourists are going to be heading to Tirana anytime soon. The wrtiers didn't exactly give the city glowing reviews.

The flight back on BA was about two-thirds full, mostly Albanians and I think it will be used by Albanians and business people more than tourists.

The nicest part of it was the free food and drink which good old BA provided. Quite a contrast from the misers at Austrian Airlines who provide nothing more that a small bottle of water and charge ridiculous amounts for tasteless sandwiches.

And, of course, not having to change flights in Vienna.
olli said…
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olli said…
Anonymous, feel free to link to my site.

I notice from the website that you are coming from the US. When you are planning your flights, you should be aware that British Airways started flying direct to Tirana from London Gatwick about six weks ago.

Flights to London from the US might be cheaper than flights to other linking destinations in Europe.

When you know when you will be here let me know and we could meet up.

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