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The Washington Post has discovered blood feuds.


ITS said…
I wanna start a blood feud with the Washington Post!
Anonymous said…
You better be careful....they fight dirty and dont understand the honor of the feud:)
Anonymous said…
think this blood feud off today it has nothing to do with "kanun"...
"Kanun" is just use as an excuse and in many cases the kanun rules and law are not fallow..
It's plain and simple ignorance... The law and order is not function in this part off country..
Also the education system is non-existent and level off poverty is very high..
So please do not blame "kanun", but blame the 20 years off missing investment on this part off country.
The politician are to blame that have forgotten this part off Albania and in shamefully way try to save they failures by blame everything to "kanun"... Shameful !!!
Anonymous said…
dear our man,

how much longer are you going to be in albania for?

i'll miss your blog...
Unknown said…
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