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Better Leave Those Flags Up

Former US President Bill Clinton Might Visit Albania. I wouldn't be surprised if he brought his friend Tony Blair with him. I suspect Clinton would easily upstage Bush if he came.


Anonymous said…
I don't know if Clinton would upstage Bush if he came. Bush is down to earth, straightforward, funny person. Anyway,I don't like to compare.

But of course I'd be very excited if Clinton and Blair came!
bletebzz said…
Nobody can beat Clinton. ka muhabet t'omel ai!
Anonymous said…
It will be interesting to read books 10 maybe 20 years from now, and see how american interest in the country started and why. Right now, we can only hypothesize and come out with conspiracy theories when it comes to american support in the balkans, as we all know they have picked us...for what? i know not...for how long....i couldnt tell you either. Let's hope its all for the best in the end. Our history is such that we bend over for major powers (USSR, PRChina) and then fight them, or fight them first and then bend over (the romans, the ottomans). Hopefully there'll be no falling out this time, because as far as bending over is concerned, in a market economy everyone has to bend over to
The PC said…
With very few random exceptions, my entire family lives in Albania. I spent last September there. I have met many Albanians since moving to New York and I keep in touch with a few childhood friends. Still, with all these Albanians in my life, I have never met one who would describe Bush as "funny" or "down to earth".

Outside of my personal experience, in the context of Albanian culture, I never expected anyone to support a right wing president outside of what he might do for Albania.

But alas, here comes Anonymous.
Anonymous said…
Just to address the comment above, I am another Albanian that strongly support a right wing president. I am not sure I would call Bush right wing, but then I am not so sure he is anything, people that call the moves are more leftists or liberals than anything. I don't see a strong immigration bill from him, see him work on stopping the negative effects of globalization, see him be tough on crimes or anything close to what you would call a right winger. i would go for funny, but somehow I don;t think he is intentionally, same goes for down to earth.
if Clinton decides to come I hope they confiscate his cigars at the airport.
ITS said…
Yes, Clinton's cigars are the REAL THREAT to the world.

It's not some lunatic who engineered lie after lie, to take the nation to war, for his private agenda.

Bush is the worst president the United States has EVER had. Maybe one of the worst leaders of the world too... It makes me sick to my stomach to see the reception that my fellow Albanians gave him...

And don't say Kosovo, this and that. If it was for him and his republican cronies there wouldn't have been any intervention in Kosovo.

So, as a truly free-thinking Albanian I will say. "Fukk Bush!"
Anonymous said…
I hate to turn this board into a politics forum, and I hope OurMan will not mind a quick response to the message above.

Yes, its, yes the worst president for those that are living in the naive world of "common wealth" and the "benefits to all people" and "equailty and brotherhood amongst man" and other such teenage ideals of the sort. Those that actually did understand where this war was leading invested heavily in XOM or APA and will be glad for this war to continue for another century. Personally I only hope he decides to nuke Iran, Nigeria and (why not) Venezuela too and I can then retire next year. Stop living in La-La land, communism dies with Marx.
Anonymous said…
"Those that actually did understand where this war was leading invested heavily in XOM or APA and will be glad for this war to continue for another century."

Yeah, that's a great reason to go to war. 3000 deaths later, how much richer is your portfolio? btw XOM and APA stock is going nowhere but down these days ... together I guess with the ratings of the President.
Anonymous said…
Clinton is just jealous of the reception Bush received. The man's entire life is built on perception and he needs what Bush received. It is what makes him get out of bed in the morning. He can't stand not being the man in the middle. He'll definitely be in Tirana soon - don't you worry.

Clinton eshte baxhellë.

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