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Boom 2

More loud explosions today. I just happened to be out and saw a few flashes and plumes of smoke in the mountains as they were going off. I still don't know who it is or why they are doing it though.

You can just see the smoke rising in the distance. Sorry about the quality of the picture - it was taken with the phone and then cropped tight.


Anonymous said…
that is scary. Did other people around you or in the street react at all to the boom?
Anonymous said…

I hope it is not the wahhabists
Are you for real? This is not Baghdad. This is not extremism related. If it were, it would be a BIG deal, and people wouldn't simply ignore it.
I don't know for sure what these explosions are, but my guess is either military exercises or a quarry (sp?) of some sort.
Anonymous said…
you never know. I mean we already have depressed prisoners from Guantanamo, we had a plane hijacked, Bin Laden has been in Albania, our citizens were involved in terrorist planning in Fort Dix, last time in the elections we had an islamic party, earlier this week there bombs found near the music academy, etc etc...
unfortunately, if you are realistic you can see that anything bad can happen!
Anonymous said…
Sorry for making you guys worry so much.

That was me farting! Lol

Appologies for the language but hay must have some fun some times
Again anonymous, are you for real?

The Ex-Gitmo prisoners are not deemed dangerous and you should be certain that they are closely watched.
The highjacked plane had no terror ties, and it was simply a deranged Turkish guy who pretended to have a bomb simply because he didn't want to go to prison in Turkey. Could have happened in any other country.
And how did you know that BL was in Albania? Did you have coffee with him? Oh yeah, right, some "credible" newspaper printed the story to sell a few more copies and you ran with it.
In the last election we did have an Islamic party, but can you remind me again how many votes that party got? Also by that reasoning, the Christian-Democrat party should also be a threat, correct?
As for the small self-made bombs they found, what makes you think they're terrorism related? After all why would terrorists use an almost harmless bomb, when they could use a bigger one?
The only valid point that you make is the Ft. Dix one. And even that, you didn't get completely right. They weren't Albania citizens.

If you or anyone else thinks that terrorists would cause explosions on the outskirts of Tirana and the govt, the media and the people would simply look the other way and go on their normal life, you need a reality check. How about you take a stroll around Tirana in the near future and see what the real situation is like.
Anonymous said…
The noise was machine gun fire from the Guard of the Republic the first day followed by cannon fire the second day. All practice for the Bush visit. I live two blocks from the Guard headquartes in Tirana and have US military experience. No threat here. Just military protocol.
Anonymous said…
The explosions as explained before are a plain military excercise. The explosions are clearly artillery fire.
Anonymous said…
Wake up, Wake up Albania!
Who's coming to visit you today?
olli said…
Hello all. I think we have had these conversations few times now in the comments, so I've taken everything out that's not about the post directly.

Maybe at some point I will put down my own thoughts on religion here and have a moderated comment section for all of you who want to express a view about it.

In the meantime, no more comments on religion on this post please.
Anonymous said…
Ahhh balkanalysis, your trusted source of Serbian propaganda.

The dynamite that was found, one package was about 1 ounce, and the other was cutely packaged on a coffee sugar pack. Most likely forgotten by the farting anonymous when he had coffee before leaving for practice.
Anonymous said…
The explosions were earth-air missile practice. Thats all folks.
Now let see what is the next speculation
Anonymous said…

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