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DIY Traffic Calming

We had yet another accident on our wide straight road in bright daylight a couple of days ago. I heard the crunch but I'm not sure how they managed a head on collision in these circumstances.

Obviously someone in the neighbourhood has had enough and has put in place a creative traffic calming system. It consists of two thick lengths of rope spread across the road. Surprisingly, traffic approaching these almost always slow to a crawl while crossing them.

I'm not sure who is responsible for this very welcome development but there is a newly opened cafe at the bottom of the street with open air seating beside the road. I suspect they are responsible since having cars tearing past at high speed is not only unpleasant for their customers but also dangerous.

It's too much to hope that the the responsible authorities will get the message and construct some speed bumps. Perhaps we need to find a lot more rope.


Selfmaderadio said…
haha, we are a very creative Volk ;)
Unknown said…
"Our Man" do you drive around yourself? I was curious if there were any actual speed bumps elsewhere around the city.
Anonymous said…
methinks our man did this
Ll.T. said…

There's a few....
olli said…
Agreed. I'm come across a few, though they don't seem to have been placed in any consistent way. Most residential streets, where you might expect to see them, don't have any.

Anon, I'm afraid I'm not smart enough to come up with something like this.
Miss Kim said…
Well I have a speed bump in front of my house--- it's actually only half a speed bump since it only goes half way across the road!
Anonymous said…
I've seen speedbumps in other roads as well. Of course there are plenty of pot holes that serve as speed bumps too. I'd like for these to be somewhat official and have signs though. Traveling at high speeds and then slamming on the breaks can't be too safe either.
Alix said…
What a great idea. I think you should stick with the rope though - speed bumps just make already over-aggressive drivers resentful, plus they learn where they are after a while so they do the speed-up-slow-down thing.

The rope looks odd, so it slows people down more effectively, does less damage to their suspension and it can be moved around so they don't get used to it. Genius.

I'd like to say let's try it in Britain but we'd probably get nicked for obstructing a public highway.

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