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Tragically or happily - depending on your point of view - Frederik Ndoci failed to make it through to the finals of Eurovision. Since he was up against belly-dancers, sword-fighters and drag queens that's probably not surprising.

The sword fighters were part of the backing act for Sopho from Georgia. She made it through to the final but I can't help wondering when Georgia became a European country. Israel, I can understand - you wouldn't give the Iraeli entry in a MidEastVision song contest much of a chance of survival, never mind votes.

It seems that the European Broadcasting Union has a rather generous notion of Europe including among its full members broadcasters from the Middle East and North Africa, and having associate members from such unlikely places as Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Chile.

Radio Vatican is also a member, though I don't think they enter Eurovision, which is a shame. A papal Eurovision entry, or a boy band made up of cardinals could go a long way in this competition.


Geoff said…
A portion of Georgia straddles the Greater Caucasus mountains, which is accepted by most as the Southern border of Europe, meaning, like Turkey & Russia, it lies in both Europe and Asia.

It's also a member of the Council of Europe.

And has stronger cultural and historical ties with Europe than Asia.
Anonymous said…
Moreover, Georgians I think are considered a European race...wasnt Stalin Georgian or Not sure if they belong to the slavic group of nations or not. Geographically it's puzzling because they're not in Europe!
Anonymous said…
"Maybe Europe is just trying to compensate for 3000 years of systematic persecution."

HAHAHA..LMAO...good one.
Fernando Olmos said…
are you still posting from albania? I think your blog is awesome!

check mine at
our man said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
olli said…
Hi Fernando. Thanks. Yes I'm still here in Tirana for a little while longer.

Thanks for your blog details - sorry I don't speak any Spanish so a lot of it goes over my head.

I've never been in Chile but my brother has - Santiago and Punta Arenas(?)- and he loved it. Maybe some day.
Anonymous said…
the Ukranian song has subliminal messages "Russia Goodbye". The transvestite wears sun glasses because he/she is chinese
Anonymous said…
I had to laugh at the points that were awarded to the songs!
You can clearly see that a lot off country vote in block.
You got the Balkan block, the ex-Soviet block or the Scandinavia’s block.
They all vote for each other, no meter what!
Guest where the 12 points from Cyprus went to? Yehhp to Greece!
They do that every year! What’s the point in that?
However, I was surprise to find 12 points of Albania going to Spain.
Also, we awarded 5 points to Ireland! We save them from the embarrassment
of finish with no points, as we were the only country that awarded them points!
Maybe the Irish will rise a pint a Guinness to our jury! 

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