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Syri i Kalter

On a recent trip to the South we visited the Azure Eye, Syri i Kalter. Some more photographs of Syri i Kalter can be found on my Flickr page.


Anonymous said…
Alwyn, do you have any pics from the demolition of the overpass at Zogu i Zi? If yes, I'd love to post them on our site,


olli said…
Llukan, I had forgotten about this story. The last time I checked it was still stuck in the courts. I will go tomorrow morning and have a look at what is happening and see if I can get some photographs.
Anonymous said…
The english papers in Tirana must be horrible if they didn't write about this one. The demolition of the overpass was started yesterday. Politics aside, I'm curios to see if they'll manage to clean the area up or if they'll leave it a pile of rubble.

Thanks for taking a look at it.

Anonymous said…
These waterhole shots are BEAUTIFUL!
The colour of the water is breathtaking!!
olli said…
Can't blame the papers - the Tirana Daily News did have something online but with my dodgy internet connection I din't see it. Tirana Times also has something up as of today (Saturday 8th).

Glad you liked the photos - I still don't think they are quite blue enough compared to the real thing.
Miss Kim said…
People won't believe that the water is THAT blue- but it is incredibly beautiful and really THAT blue!

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